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Alexey Kirpota, composer

Thank Jesus Christ for the inspiration given to me

Music without words - music for the soul

Hello, I am Alexey Kirpota. I live in Moscow and compose music. I create albums which are released on the internet after all. I also can tell about myself that I am Christian. At first I attended The Orthodox church, where I was baptized. Then I attended protestant churches. I wasn’t a member of any church though.
I support the idea of “Christian ecumenism” and I don’t quite understand why all these confessions are within Christianity. But here I will not discuss theological problems, I am not a pastor, neither a priest and my web site is not about these things. I am just Christian composer. I write music.
And now let me introduce my new album “Seven heaven – music without words” to you. Listen these compositions, please. Although they are written in different styles, they are written by me not because someone asked me to do it, but by inspiration. Because I like write music and this is the way I can use my talent.
If you like my album you can download it on Amazone.

Seventh heaven - music without words

War and Peace


Path to the goal

Not fulfilled

Not fulfilled 2

Seventh heaven



Arrangement for Sveta

       And for the reason if you interested how I look like in real life, there are some photos of me:

                                                                                                                             Best regards, Alexey Kirpota.